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Jingle Jungle - Bottle & Baby Food Warmer


List price: RM79.90  

Price: RM65.00

You save: RM14.90 (19%)

The fast and safe way to warm milk and baby food

Easy to use – just add water and select setting

Heats gently and evenly – no hot spots

Auto power off – when reached the temperature set

1 Year Warranty

User manual complete with graphics provided for your easy reference and instructions and tips in only writing as below

Tips and Precautions:

• After warming, the bottle should be shaken gently
• Milk temperature should always be tested by dripping a few drops on the arm.
• Bottle cover might need to be loosened or removed before warming, to prevent milk overflow.


1) Always place bottle into warmer before adding water. Add the correct amount of water depending on the size of the bottle you need to warm.
2) Loosen or remove bottle cap, since the liquid inside the bottle will expand slightly as it warms
3) Turn on the bottle warmer and select the setting.

Dial 1: Off
Dial 2: around 40°C (+/-5°C) – for keeping warm
Dial 3: around 75°C (+/-5°C) – for warming up bottle or baby food
Dial 4: up to 100°C– for sterilising bottles parts – such as nipples, screw rings, or other smallish items such as teether, oral massager, feeding spoons, etc…

4) Put on the bottle cap once the warming process is complete.
5) Test the bottle before use. Place a few drops on your arm or inner wrist to make sure that it's safe for baby.
6) Unplug and allow to cool before cleaning. Wipe inside and outside with a damp cloth only, this will keep the warmer looking new.

NOTE: The warmer will work in the same way for warming up baby food in jar or food container. If you are using a feeding bowl, fill the warmer with water about half-way. Take care when removing the bowl, as the water surrounding it will be hot.

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